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This group is hosted by the Ventura County Amateur Radio Society (VCARS).    

This is a replacement of the Yahoo Group (formerly) called "VCARS_events".  To the extent possible/practical, (circa 1/10/2019) the Yahoo Group's contents were sampled/copied to this group as a baseline, prior to that Yahoo group being deleted.

Like the former Yahoo Group, this (replacement) group primarily serves as a forum for discussing and coordinating activities and events. It is important to note, however, this is an open-forum (i.e., not specific to VCARS Members Only); and by design, its membership also includes both licensed and unlicensed individuals, regardless of any other Amateur Radio Club affiliations.  As a result, this group is intended to serve as an ideal means of coordinating events and activities for/of a broad collection of individuals.

PLEASE NOTE:  sub-groups are/will-be created here for specific events and activities. 
  • For example, each annual Field Day will have its own sub-group, and there is a subgroup specific to material related to CONTESTING.
  • Additional sub-groups will be created as needed.
  • Please use these sub-groups whenever applicable.

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